What to Expect

Ambrosia Farm is Veneta's premier location for Certified Naturally Grown U-Pick strawberries and blueberries. From Memorial Day through Labor Day, Ambrosia Farm is open for U-Pick. Strawberries produce Mid-May and blueberries around the 4th of July. Additionally, there is an abundance of garden fresh produce open for U-Pick when crops are peaking during harvest time. Check in regularly for availability as the website is updated on a regular basis. 

Parking is available at the front of the property next to the barn.  Spillover parking is further down the driveway on the large grassy area to the left.  The covered farmstand will have a variety of organically grown fruits and vegetables.  Farmers are incredibly busy people and there may not be anyone at the farmstand when you arrive.  Simply ring the bell (don't be shy, give it a good ring) and one of the farmers on duty will come to your assistance.  We encourage shoppers to bring their own reusable bags or containers.  


Update from the field - March 12th

Overwintered strawberry plants are looking beautiful and will hopefully be ready for U-Pick by early May with blueberries by early July. Also, expect to find a garden that is brimming with U-Pick produce by peak summer. Thanks for the support and we hope to see you picking again starting Memorial Day 2018 .


U-Pick and Farmstand Hours of Operation

Ambrosia Farm is closed now. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram to see our 2018 offerings.

Wednesday through Saturday from 10am - 4pm, Memorial Day through Labor Day


U-Pick Crops and Prices

Strawberries - $3/lb - Early-May

Green Beans - $2.00/lb - Early July

Sungold Tomatoes - $2.50/lb - Mid-July

Eggplant - $2.00/lb - Early August

Kale - $1.50/bunch - Early May

Blueberries - $4/lb - Early July

Sugarsnap Peas - $2.50/lb - Late May

Tomatoes - $2.00/lb - Early August

Sweet Peppers - $2.00/lb - Early September

Padrón Peppers - $2.50/lb - Early September


Containers and Bags

We provide flats to pick berries and produce into. Please do your part and bring freezer bags or reusable containers to transport your berries and produce home in. Bags or containers can be provided from Ambrosia Farm for an additional cost.


Discounts and Specials

If you sign up for our 2018 CSA membership, you will receive a 15% discount on all U-Pick berries for the entire harvest season. Please view our Facebook page and "like" us to stay posted on other special offers throughout the season. Sign up for our newsletter below to stay plugged in with our continuing updates.