Produce availability as of January 22nd

Please look over our selection of pre-order produce. Price is listed for each item and orders MUST be placed the Tuesday evening before pickup. Veneta pickup is on Wednesdays at our house.

***Note, microgreens are seeded upon receiving your order. Lead times and yield are listed for each crop***

View produce offerings and descriptions below. Minimum order is $15 so please add your total accordingly. When you are ready to order, select items and quantity on the form below, then click submit. Brandon will contact you to confirm and email you a total. We prefer Cash or Check, but can accept Cards.


Kiwi - Green

Tender, strikingly beautiful and packed with flavor. These kiwis are absolutely amazing. California Organic.




Ruby gems inside a beautiful and exotic fruit. These fruits will brighten your breakfast and salads. California Organic.


Beets Red.jpg

Beets - Red or Golden

These are one of our favorite storage crops. Beets will keep in the cooler right through March. Please specify red or gold.

$2.50/lb or 10lbs for $20


Cabbage - Green

PNW storage cabbages that will last until spring. Enjoy these fresh, cooked, or served up as Kraut. Heads average 2-3lbs.

$1.29/lb or 20lbs for $20



Organic Yukon Golds for bulk sales this fall and winter. Organically grown in the Willamette Valley.

$5.00 for 2.5lb bag or 10lbs for $15


Peach Jam - Low Sugar

Sweet summer flavors ready to liven up your toast during the rainy months ahead. Local peaches into low sugar jam.

$5/half pint or a Case of 6 for $25



Arugula Microgreens

Tender and packed full of flavor, enjoy these fresh greens as a salad, or top on most dishes. Nutty and spicy with a zest.

$18 per flat / 2 wks, 12oz


Broccoli Microgreens

These have a delicious, mild, fresh broccoli flavor and make a great addition to any microgreens salad or as garnish.

$18 per flat / 2 wks, 1lb


Chard Microgreens

Brightly colored stems stand in contrast to the beautiful deep green and red leaves. These micros brighten up any meal.

$20 per flat / 3 wks, 1lb

Apples - Empire.jpg

Apples - Empire

Beautiful red skinned apples that have a light crunch and pleasantly light sweetness. Florence, OR Organic.

$1.49/lb or 10lbs for $12.50

Bosc Pears.jpg

Bosc Pears

Local & Organic from Florence. These pears are crisp and have a grainy texture. Eat fresh or consider dehydrating them.




A classic ingredient in many soups and roasted recipes. These roots are sweet and will round out many different dishes.

$2.50/lb or 10lbs for $20



Freshly popped cloves of garlic. Add flavor to any dish with REAL garlic. These are from softneck bulbs and are mild.

$8.99/lb - Approx 120 cloves/lb



Stock up on this essential root crop now. These beautiful storage carrots are long and the last variety we have to offer.

$2.50/lb or 10lbs for $20


Dried Tomatoes

Flavors of summer all dried down and sealed in one tight package. Enjoy these on pizza, in dressings or with salads.

$5/3oz pkg or a 6 pack for $25


All microgreens listed below are sold by the flat or container and seeded to order

Spicy Mix.jpg

Premium Microgreen Mix

A custom micro blend of Cabbage, Red Kale, Mizuna, Red Mustard and Tatsoi. Well rounded, mild, with a touch of zip.

$18 per flat / 2 wks, 1lb

Pea Shoots.jpg

Pea Shoots

Now enjoy sweet pea flavor with your favorite dish any time of the year. Pea shoots are incredibly tender and flavorful.

$15 / flat or 3” pot $3.00 / 2.5 wks, 1.5lb


Cilantro Microgreens

Extremely mild cilantro flavor in a green that is tender enough to eat fresh. Add zest to meals during the fall and winter.

$20 per flat / 3 wks, 1lb

Cara Cara Orange.jpg

Oranges - Cara Cara

By far the best tasting orange around. Enjoy these during winter months for best flavor. California Organic.



Persimmons - Unavailable

Sweetest fruit that you will find locally this time of year. Tough skin with a tender and seedless inside. Enjoy like an apple.


Radish - Watermelon.jpg

Watermelon Radish

Beautiful radishes with a light green skin and red core. Mild flavor and wonderfully crisp when enjoyed raw.

$2.19/lb - Limited Supply


Storage Onions

Make the most of every dish all fall and winter by stocking up on these beautiful red or yellow onions.

$1.75/lb or 10lbs for $15

winter squash.jpeg

Winter Squash

All the colors are here for storage! We have Acorn, Delicata, Red Kuri or Spaghetti. Stores into March.

$1.29/lb, or 20lbs for $20


Dilly Beans

Taste of summer packed during peak freshness. These dilly beans are flavor packed and crunchy like grandma made.

$6 / pint jar or a Case of 6 for $30



Radish Microgreens

Beautiful red stems and a spicy potency make these a top choice. Fastest grower and an affordable microgreen we offer.

$15 per flat / 1.5 wk, 1.25lb


Sunflower Shoots

These edible sunflower shoots are grown in pots to be cut and enjoyed fresh. A great addition to any meal.

$15 / flat or 3” pot $3.00 / 2.5 wks, 1lb


Beet Microgreens

Gorgeous and tender, with all the nutritional benefits of full sized beets. Deep red shoots topped with lovely leaves.

$20 per flat / 3 wks, 1lb

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