Produce availability as of August 10th

Please look over our selection of pre-order produce. Price is listed for each item and orders MUST be placed the evening before pickup. Ambrosia Farm pickup is every Wednesday from Noon - 6pm. Eugene pickup (Crux Rock Gym) is every Thursday from 4 to 7pm. 

View produce offerings and descriptions below. Minimum order is $15 so please add your total accordingly. Remember that all CSA Member receive 15% off their order total as a thanks for being a part of the Ambrosia Farmily. When you are ready to order, please select items and quantity on the form below, then click submit. Brandon will contact you to confirm and email you a total. We accept Cash, Checks or Credit Cards.



Sweet Oregon strawberries are back all season long. Stock up now for winter. Order by the pint or flat. 1 pint / $4, 6 Pint Flat / $22, 12 Pint Flat / $40


Arugula Microgreens

Tender and packed full of flavor, enjoy these fresh greens as a salad, or top on most dishes. Nutty and spicy with a zest. $3.50 / 2oz pkg or 3 for $10.


Broccoli Microgreens

These have a delicious, mild, fresh broccoli flavor and make a great addition to any microgreens salad or as garnish.      $3.50 / 2oz Pkg or 3 for $10


Dilly Beans

Taste of summer packed during peak freshness. These dilly beans are flavor packed and crunchy like grandma made. $7.50 / pint jar or $80 / 12 pint case.


Sauce Tomatoes

Stock up the pantry with your own homemade tomato sauce. 25lbs makes approximately 4 Qts, so order accordingly. $1.00/lb or $.85/lb for 100lbs and up.

Spicy Mix.jpg

Mild Microgreen Mix

A custom micro blend of Cabbage, Red Kale, Mizuna, Red Mustard and Tatsoi. Well rounded mild greens with a touch of zip. $3.50 / 2oz pkg or 3 for $10

Pea Shoots.jpg

Pea Shoots

Now enjoy sweet pea flavor with your favorite dish any time of the year. Pea shoots are incredibly tender and flavorful. $3.50 / 2oz Pkg or 3 for $10

sungold spread.jpeg

Sungold Tomato spread

Everyone's favorite cherry tomato is now available as a grab and go spread. Enjoy on your favorite bagel sandwich or crackers. $6 / half pint jar.

Salad Mix.jpg

Ambrosia Salad Mix

Fresh and crisp leafy lettuce greens to enjoy year round. Our salad mix is custom blended with lofty and tender leaves. Buy in bag or bulk. $4 / 6oz bag or $10 / lb


Radish Microgreens

Hong vit radishes have a beautiful red stem and pack a spicy potency. Best served topped with eggs or on your favorite sandwich. $3.50 / 2oz pkg or 3 for $10


Sunflower Shoots

These edible sunflower shoots are grown in pots to be cut and enjoyed fresh. A great addition to breakfast and almost any meal. $3.50 / 3" Pot or 3 for $10


Heirloom Dried Tomatoes

We kept the dehydrator running all September. These are an heirloom mix of Yellow Brandywine, Cherokee Purple and Italian Red Pear. $7.50 / 3oz Bag.

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Your favorite tomatoes cooked into a sweet cracker style spread. 6 pack half pints $25
Add flavor to pizzas, soups and sauces all winter. 6 bags for $35
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Sold in Wide Mouth Pints by the single or 12 pack case.