Produce availability as of January 8th

Mix and Match any 6 pack half pint case for $25

Mix and Match any 6 pack pint case or 6 Pack dried tomatoes for $35

Please look over our selection of pre-order produce. Price is listed for each item and orders MUST be placed the evening before pickup. Ambrosia Farm pick up is Thursday from Noon to 7pm. No Eugene pickup is available until January 14th. If you'd like to your order sent to Eugene, Brandon will coordinate a location to meet.

View produce offerings and descriptions below. Minimum order is $15 so please add your total accordingly. Remember that all CSA Member receive 15% off their order total as a thanks for being a part of the Ambrosia Farmily. When you are ready to order, please select items and quantity on the form below, then click submit. Brandon will contact you to confirm and email you a total. We accept Cash, Checks or Credit Cards.



Beautiful leeks that are full of amazing flavor. Tall stalks and thick stems make for amazing soups or substitute for onions. All leeks are $3 / bunch.


Green or Red Cabbage

Fresh cut and ready to enjoy with your favorite soups or homemade dinners. This cabbage is sweet from the cool spring weather. $1.50 / lb (Heads avg 2-3lbs).

pickled beets.jpg

Pickled Beets

Enjoy the delicious flavor of beets right throughout the winter. Simple recipe that even your grandmother would appreciate. Limited Availability. $7.50 / pint jar.


Strawberry Jam

Delicious Ambrosia Farm strawberries preserved to last you until the next flush. Treat yourself to a jar or pass them out as gifts. $6 / half pint jar.


Brussel Sprouts

Growing right into 2018, these brussels have been sweetened by frost and are absolutely delicious. Enjoy with roasted roots. Sold loose for $6 / lb.

Striped, Gold or Red Beets

Beets are a well known storage root crop to carry us through the off-season. Eat them raw, steamed, roasted or even fermented. Topped beets for $2.50 / lb.

sungold spread.jpeg

Sungold Tomato spread

Everyone's favorite cherry tomato is now available as a grab and go spread. Enjoy on your favorite bagel sandwich or crackers. $6 / half pint jar.

#2 Carrots

Tender sweet garden carrots that aren't uniform beauties. Plenty of flavor and amazing crunch. Typically 8-10 carrots per lb. $1.25 / lb.

winter squash.jpeg

Winter Squash

Stock up on winter squash for the months ahead. Butternut Squash is the last variety available. Roast with root veggies or enjoy as a soup. $1.25 / lb.


Heirloom Dried Tomatoes

We kept the dehydrator running all September. These are an heirloom mix of Yellow Brandywine, Cherokee Purple and Italian Red Pear. $7.50 / 3oz Bag.


Peach Jam

Sweet summer flavors ready to liven up your toast during the rainy months ahead. Local peaches that we cooked into an amazing jam. $7.50 / pint jar.

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Your favorite tomatoes cooked into a sweet cracker style spread. 6 pack half pints $25
Add flavor to pizzas, soups and sauces all winter. 6 bags for $35
Ambrosia grown beets. 6 Pack Pints $35
Local peaches. 6 pack pints $35
Ambrosia Strawberries, simply delicious. 6 pack half pints $25
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