As seasons change, please welcome Farmer Brandon to the area. From 2011 through 2015 he lived in the town of Sandpoint, Idaho where cold winters and short daylight hours presented many challenges as a farmer. Having received no formal education in agriculture, he is instead self-trained in Small Scale Intensive Farming. During those 5 growing seasons in North Idaho, Brandon emerged as one of the top producers for the Sandpoint Farmers Market. Through innovative growing techniques and low impact machinery, this style of farming uses a smaller land base and focuses crop production on permanent raised beds. In early 2015 Brandon decided his career as a farmer would be better suited in a friendlier growing climate. After feeling confident with the skills gained, he chose to settle down in the Willamette Valley. Brandon moved to Veneta, OR in November 2015 and plans to continue farming for countless years to come. He was originally born and raised in Cincinnati, OH and during the unexpected slow times loves climbing, mountaineering, hiking, riding bikes of all types and if it’s a good winter, bottomless powder skiing.