***Ambrosia Farmstand is closed for the season. We plan to re-open on Memorial Day, May 28th, with regular hours Wednesday through Saturday all 2018 season.

What to expect

Having regular access to locally grown food is important.  Ambrosia Farm strives to revitalize the experience of getting fresh local produce by adventuring out to a small scale farmstand that used to be so commonplace across this country.  We are located just 5 minutes south of downtown Veneta, OR.  We enjoy getting to know our community and are thankful for the support we continue to receive. Please know that we do not own the land we farm on and we our best with what we have to spruce up the Farmstand.

Parking is available at the front of the property next to the barn.  Spillover parking is further down the driveway on the large grassy area to the left.  The covered farmstand will have a variety of organically grown fruits and vegetables.  Farmers are incredibly busy people and there may not be anyone at the farmstand when you arrive.  Simply ring the bell, (and don't be shy, give it a good ring), and one of the farmers on duty will come to your assistance.  We encourage shoppers to bring their own reusable bags or containers.