Please welcome Ambrosia Farm as your source of locally grown produce in Veneta, OR. Ambrosia is a family run market garden operated by Brandon Huff and Phaedra Jackson. They have signed a lease agreement through Fall 2018 with Gina Thomas at Stillpoint Farm, located just two miles south of Veneta on Territorial Highway. In addition to offering a variety of U-Pick produce, there will also be a consistent supply of fresh fruits, vegetables, herbs and flowers through the roadside Farmstand, which is open to the public Wednesday-Saturday starting in June and closing in September. Ambrosia Farm also supplies local families and individuals with food through our Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program.

In keeping with the quality standard that Stillpoint Farm was known for, produce will continue to be Certified Naturally Grown. This is a local farm version of the Certified Organic label. Techniques on the farm are more geared towards small scale intensive agriculture. Careful planning means maximizing the field space and cultivating 1 ½ half acres. More food is grown on a small acreage using permanent raised growing beds. Cultivation at Ambrosia is performed with a walk behind BCS and hand tools. Only OMRI approved fertilizers and sprays are used when necessary. Cover crops and crop rotation are an integral part of our growing practices. In doing so, this creates a rich and biologically diverse soil structure that is then intensively planted and harvested with minimum tillage in-between. Come enjoy the U-Pick this season and also support the Farmstand. If local agriculture and connecting directly with your farmer is important to you, please inquire about a CSA membership.