CSA Week 8

The farm is an ever-evolving organism.  Growing and shifting shape as old crops get tilled in and new crops transplanted all while everything else grows bigger and bigger and flowers bloom in a multitude of colors.  The greenhouse tomatoes have become a living jungle and the colors of their ripening fruit are a welcomed blessing.

For this week's CSA box we finally had carrots!  Yes, after two failed carrot plantings it feels like such a relief to harvest this staple crop.  They are so sweet and delicious!  It was also a surprise to see the green beans ready for harvest.  Each member received a full pound in their weekly box along with sun sugar cherry tomatoes, strawberries, blueberries, salad mix and lacinato kale.  Latter in the season we'll be offering u-pick green beans for those folks who love to put up pickled dilly beans or just want to bring home a bunch to eat fresh and not have to pay premium dollar.     

The strawberry patch earlier in the week was producing the largest strawberries that were sweet and juicy.  Once the word got out through our social media outlets, the u-pickers came out in car loads.  Every single last ripe berry was pick.  Our apologies to those late arrivals on Saturday afternoon who drove out and had to hunt and peck for only a small harvest.  We want to remind our community that coming out early is best for u-picking.  There are only so many berries to be picked in a day and the early pickers were harvesting several flats at a time. Rest assured that if you didn't get much harvest this week the patch is closed to the public for three days to allow berries to ripen up and we will be open for u-picking again on Wednesday when we open at noon. 

If you have visited the blueberry patch this week you may have seen the new addition to the farm.  Homesteady Honey relocated their 16 bee hives to the back corner of our farm.  We are also now selling their honey at our farmstand and market booths.  CSA members will still receive their 15% when purchasing honey.  Another new addition to our Veneta market booth this Saturday was the beautiful flower arrangements made by Wild Child Flower Company.  These flowers were grown right here in Veneta using only organic and sustainable growing practices.  Wild Child Flower Company also offers a flower CSA program.  To learn more visit their web page www.wildchildflowerco.com    

The selection at the roadside farmstand is expanding and we look forward to expanding even further in the coming months.  We want to collaborate with more local small-scale farmers to help them have another outlet for their goods.  Ambrosia Farm has the benefit of having a convenient location that other farms may not have.  We'll keep you posted on all the new products we'll have available and if you have something to sell and need an outlet please contact us.  Too many apples or pears?  Do you make soap?  Organic eggs?  If you grow it organically and humanely we want to help support you!  Thanks for staying connected with us.

Your farmer, Andréa

 Saturday's farmstand with a Wild Child Flower Company bouquet

Saturday's farmstand with a Wild Child Flower Company bouquet