Harvest season is here.

The time to reap what we have sown has arrived. I love the quiet early mornings with dew still on the plants and harvest knife in hand. Brandon heads off to Sapphire Field to harvest salad mix while I enjoy the beautiful lush greens of all our brassica crops in Smokey Quartz Field. Bunching greens has been a favorite harvest of mine for a long time. The two new and exciting harvests this past week were strawberries and early season broccoli.  The berries sold out quickly and we came home with just a few pounds of leftover broccoli.

 Brandon at the Whitaker Market

Brandon at the Whitaker Market

Our processing station is all built and plumbed and we're just fine tuning how we want everything organized to help with maximum efficiency. The used billboard tarp we ordered for the covering arrived a couple weeks ago. We had no idea which advertisements would be printed on it. Unfolding the massive tarp and pulling it over our wash station frame, we were pleasantly surprised to see a Panera Bread ad for "Power Kale Caesar Salad" and a huge picture of a person eating a salad. The other end was a bright hot pink T-Mobile advertisement which adds a nice bit of color to our otherwise shady space. We were thankful we didn't end up with some pharmaceutical advertisement or McDonald's big mac.

The next big project for us to focus on is getting our signage for both our market booth and roadside farm sign and fixing up the structure that we are going to use as our farmstand. Once the farmstand is ready the u-pick berries will soon open to the public. 

In just a couple of weeks we start our CSA harvest season and are looking forward to putting together lovely boxes of produce for our members. We have also, through generous private contributions, be able to gift three full CSA shares to three local families in Veneta. We are excited to get to know our members a little better as the season unfolds.

Thanks to all you folks who came out to support us at the markets. Tell your friends. It's only going to get better as more crops ripen in the fileds.