Gearing up for markets

As usual for a farm in springtime, life is busy. We've started transplanting summer crop in the field. We were blessed with a helpful volunteer who visited the farm and helped us transplant some of our heirloom tomatoes, sun sugar cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, and basil into our greenhouse. It was a perfect task for a day of hard rain and heavy winds. The tomatoes are happy and warm and some have even begun to flower! Zucchini has been planted outside under row cover so there should be an early harvest of summer squash this season.

With farmer's markets starting up just around the corner, our next big task is setting up our wash station and pack out area. Brandon has already converted a used cargo trailer into a walk-in cooler space by insulating the walls and installing a window AC unit with a CoolBot. We'll be able to move crop directly from the wash station right into a refrigerated unit to keep it as fresh as possible. Next on the list is building a covered area to set up our wash tanks, sinks, tables, scales, etc.  This first year our covered area is going to be very low cost. We'll frame it out of greenhouse materials but instead of covering it with greenhouse plastic we'll use billboard plastic to anchor over the frame to provide a shady, cool space. 

The CSA members who have already signed up have been a huge help for getting us through our early season expenses. If you're one of them and you're reading this please know that Ambrosia Farm is so grateful for you.

First Thursday in May, come out and visit us at the Whiteaker farmer's market at 6th and Blair between 4pm - 8pm in downtown Eugene. The following Saturday we'll be at the Veneta Farmer's Market on the corner of Luther Lane and Territorial from 10am - 2pm.