The Farm

Ambrosia Farm is a small-scale market farm just 2 miles South of Veneta located at the Stillpoint property on Territorial Highway. We open our gates during the growing season for U-Pick and offer a full produce selection at our Roadside Farmstand We follow certified organic standards by using organic soil amendments and fertilizers. Our farming style uses permanent raised beds, minimum tillage, crop rotation and cover cropping. 

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Andréa Daly and Brandon Huff are Veneta's newest farming couple. Together, they have a combined ten years farming experience. Andréa has spent the past several years working on an organic production farm in Noti, OR.  Brandon has been a self-employed farmer in North Idaho for the past four years. He's grateful to be now growing food in the Willamette Valley with its milder climate and longer growing season.       

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CSAs are a way for you to have a direct relationship with your local farmer. A household receives a weekly basket of vegetables through a membership purchased at the beginning of the season. Joining a CSA program guarantees you a constant supply of fresh produce all season at a discounted price. Vegetables in your basket will always be harvested at their peak freshness. CSA baskets are harvested fresh for pickup and come with newsletters.

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